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 NIGH USA Board of Directors

Image Deva-Marie Beck, PhD, RN: NIGH International Co-Director: Deva-Marie Beck is a Nightingale scholar, nurse, author, teacher, multi-media specialist and global ambassador for the worldwide nursing community. Currently, she serves on the development team of NIGH’s global Internet outreach and is collaborating with a growing global team of NIGH Board and Advisors to widen and strengthen participation in NIGH, worldwide. Dr. Beck has traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the South Pacific and across the United States and Canada for related discussions, meetings, workshops, conferences and keynote presentations. She co-develops workshops to 'nurture the nurse' and to empower people with multi-media capacities. Collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Nursing & Midwifery, she co-produced a video entitled “Nurses & Midwives: Now More Than Ever for a Healthy World”, now featured online in 7 language versions. As co-author of Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action (2005) and numerous related articles and book chapters, Dr. Beck has contributed new scholarship on Nightingale's extensive international work, recommending how Nightingale's legacy can further inform and strengthen 21st century nursing practice and global citizenship. See Beck-bio>>

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the holistic nursing movement. She is International Co-Director and board member of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH), Washington, DC and Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada, Co-Director, International Nurse Coach Association, Miami, Florida, and Director, Holistic Nursing Consultants in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a Florence Nightingale scholar and an author or co-author of 24 books. Her most recent books include Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice (6th ed., 2013), Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer (Commemorative Edition, 2010), and Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action (2005). She has received numerous awards including a 9-time recipient of the prestigious American Journal of Nursing Award. Barbara’s Theory of Integral Nursing (2008) is considered a grand theory that presents the science and art of nursing. It includes an integral process, integral worldview, and integral dialogues that is Praxis—theory in action. Her collaborative global nursing project, the Nightingale Declaration Campaign (NDC) has developed three UN Resolution proposals for adoption—Mobilization of Public Opinion Towards a Healthy World by 2020, 2010: International Year of the Nurse and 2011-2020: UN Decade for a Healthy World. See www.dosseydossey.com and www.inursecoach.com.

Cynda Rushton Cynda Rushton, PhD, RN, FAAN: NIGH International Co-Director: Dr.Rushton is a frequent national and international speaker and consultant and the recipient of numerous awards, including, in 2006, the prestigious selection as a Fellow in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellowship. She is widely-published in a variety of nursing and interdisciplinary journals and books. Her expertise encompasses ethical issues in clinical practice, ethical issues unique to nursing, palliative and end-of-life care, ethics consultation, renewal and resilence for clinicans.  Rushton is an Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (Baltimore, MD, USA) and on faculty at the University's Berman Institute of Bioethics.  In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate students in bioethics, Dr. Rushton is also a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Ethics and Program Director of the Harriet Lane Compassionate Care (HLCC) Program at The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.  BIO
WayneKines Wayne Kines:  NIGH Director, Global Communications: Has worked and lived across Canada and — for the United Nations — in New York City, Geneva, Switzerland, and Nairobi, Kenya. He has advised and collaborated with many UN Agencies on evolving worldwide communications and “mobilizing global public opinion” strategies. Tapping this background, he is the primary architect of NIGH’s grassroots-to-global Signature Campaign and the related proposed United Nations General Assembly Resolutions, the 2010 International Year of the Nurse and the 2010-2020 UN Decade for a Healthy World. Wayne Kines is co-founder of the World Media Institute (WMI), a network and fellowship of professional communicators devoted to the emergence of global citizenship and has also organized world media seminars on health, heritage, rural development, human settlements, and water and ocean pollution. See Kines-Bio
Louise Selanders, EdD, RN, FAAN: Dr. Selanders is an internationally recognized nurse historian who passionately believes that the history of nursing offers answers to current and future issues of nursing education, practice and research. She has co-authored the award winning volume Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action (2005) which details how solutions identified and implemented by Nightingale can be effective in resolving issues such as global health, managed care and the nursing shortage. She is a Professor and Director of the Master’s Program in the College of Nursing at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. Each summer, she offers a challenging study-tour abroad in London to focus on  the origins of modern nursing and to further understand the current status of nursing in the United Kingdom and the United States. http://www.louiseselanders.com
`Betsy Lehrfeld Betsy Lehrfeld, JD: NIGH Legal Council: Ms. Lehrfeld is a partner in Swankin & Turner, a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in health issues and consumer standards. Since 1990, she has been Executive Director of the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy, a Washington, D.C. non-profit organization that conducts research, publishing and demonstration programs in food and health policy and sustainable agriculture.


NIGH Founding Directors Alumni

Image Eleanor Kibrick, MSc: Ms. Kibrick has been an educator, conference organizer and workshop leader for over 40 years. She has lived and worked around the world, across the United States and Canada, and in Europe, India, South East Asia and Japan. With a team of colleagues, she worked in Brussels and New Delhi to help produce the International Exposition of Rural Development in India in 1984. As an educator, Eleanor has taught physiology to undergraduate and graduate nurses and other health professionals. With her colleague, Deva-Marie Beck, she created “Care for the Caregivers” and "The Power of Language" series of workshops, designed to empower nurses and to “promote a culture of caring” for health professionals. Her eight-year core commitment to the development of NIGH has been much appreciated!
Bill Rolph William Rolph, MLS: Mr. Rolph has a long history of volunteer work with local and international organizations, emphasizing inter-racial and inter-faith relations and local development. He has worked in Ontario, Canada, in the Greater Washington, DC area, and abroad in Belgium and India. He has participated in service projects in Europe and India with the Institute of Cultural Affairs International and The Vanguard for Peace Foundation (New Delhi, India). His career spans 40 years of managing, coordinating, and organizing information environments in business, and for government agencies, and non-profit organizations. During NIGH's formative years, he established NIGH's hard copy files to create a living, ongoing archive. Bill's contributions to NIGH's development have been much appreciated!

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This graphic introduces NIGH's new tagline: INSPIRE • INFORM • INITIATE • INVOLVE, detailed here in NIGH's Integral Model


Eleanor Kibrick leading a NIGH workshop.
Photo courtesy of AHNA, by Becky Lara.

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NIGH Board of Directors Dionne Sinclair & Poonam Sharma. Photo NIGH’s Archives.

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NIGH International Co-Director Dr. Barbara Dossey in Thailand on her Asian tour during the 2010 International Year of the Nurse. Photo from her archives.

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NIGH Board Director Phalkshi Manjrekar during her Summer 2011 visit to Canada. Photo: NIGH’s Archives by Dionne Sinclair

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Above graphics feature scenes from the Florence Nghtingale stained-glass window installed in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. From photos in the NIGH Archives, courtesy of photographier, Jim Hawkins.