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International Co-Director • Nightingale Initiative for Global Health

Editor-in-Chief @ www.NightingaleDeclaration.net

“I believe we can address the chronic global nursing & midwifery shortage 
in this innovative way—when our voices are heard, our numbers will increase! 
With NIGH, we aim to engage & empower a few to step forward with public
 voices for the many—for our care, commitment and concern 
for the health of humanity to be shared by all—across the world!” 


Deva-Marie Beck during a NIGH Concert at the Lincoln Center in New York City on the eve of the UN Millennium Development Summit in September, 2010. Photo: NIGH Archives.

Dr. DEVA-MARIE BECK — a nurse, health educator, author, scholar, researcher and multi-media specialist — serves as International Co-Director of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health — NIGH World. In 2004, she joined several Nightingale scholars and related activisits to co-found NIGH — from Florence Nightingale’s legacy — to raise public awareness for health by empowering and engaging women — especially nurses and midwives — to advocate for the pressing global health needs of our time. She is Chair of NIGH’s global awareness campaign for ‘Daring, Caring & Sharing to Save Mothers’ Lives’ and Editor-in-Chief of NIGH’s online global portal @ www.NIGHtingaleDeclaration.net, receiving 1.5 million hits in 2012.

In these roles, she currently develops online feature articles in coordination with nurses and midwives worldwide, develops videos and photo-essays, collaborates with the Inter Press Service [IPS] News Agency and mentors young nurses who serve as NIGH World’s official United Nations NGO DPI Representatives in New York City.

Dr. BECK’s presentations and workshops — focused on leadership, communications and media skills — have been featured in China and India, Europe and Africa, the South Pacific and South America, Canada and the US, including for seven national conferences [2003 to 2011] of the American Holistic Nurses Association [AHNA]. She has been a keynote speaker at major health, nursing and nursing student conferences in Istanbul & Caracas [2007], Mumbai & Beijing [2008], Quebec City, Ottawa & Toronto [2010], Chicago [2011] London & New York City [2012] and as a featured panelist at the Women’s Worlds 2011 Global Feminist Conference in Ottawa.

As one of the founding directors of the ‘2010 International Year of the Nurse,’ she encouraged nurses worldwide to share their concerns for global health and advocate for all of eight UN MDGs. Representing NIGH, she was an ‘Official Observer’ at WHO ‘Consultation(s) for Strengthening Nursing & Midwifery’ in 2007, Lusaka, Zambia, in 2008-09 at WHO Headquarters in Geneva and, in 2006, as Rapporteur for the WHO Global Forum of Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officers. Collaborating with WHO and nursing leaders worldwide, she co-produced a video featuring nursing’s worldwide contribution to Primary Healthcare for the WHO 60th Anniversary and 30th Anniversary of the Declaration at Alma Ata. Titled “Nurses & Midwives: Now More Than Ever for a Healthy World” — it has been showcased at regional WHO meetings across the world — is now online in eight languages.

Through this work, Dr. BECK has contributed new insights and scholarship on Nightingale's extensive grassroots-to-global work for health, revealing and recommending ways that Nightingale's legacy informs and strengthens modern nursing/midwifery practice, the empowerment of women and girls and related pro-active global citizenship.

Completing her PhD in 2002, Dr. BECK has served on six additional doctoral committees — focused on nursing, health, women’s studies and related societal issues — using a variety of research methods. She has also served as Preceptor to undergraduate and graduate nursing students at York University in Toronto.

Born in Los Angeles, she has lived and worked throughout North America and is now based in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada. During 27 years of clinical nursing [1976-2003] she practiced in many critical care settings, including at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at UCLA, UCI, and UCSD Medical Centers. She currently is an active member of Rotary International, Toastmasters International and serves as President-Elect for the Neepawa, Manitoba Club of International Inner Wheel.



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Beck, DM, Daring, Caring & Sharing: Maternal Suffering & Death A Global Tragedy for Us All.


Beck, DM, 10 Million Girl Guides & Girl Scouts Take Up This Challenge in 2013.


Beck, DM, Fulfilling A Dream of Water for Our Homeland




Daring, Caring & Sharing: The Video.


Nurses & Midwives: Now More Than Ever for a Healthy World.


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Daring to Tell Our Stories to the World.


Introducing Tita Pale Isa Ndognjem, Fellow of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation


Introducing Perpetual Ofori Amporo, RN, MSN, General Secretary, Ghana Registered Nurses Association


Introducing Mr. Kwaku Asante Krobea, President, Ghana Registered Nurses Association


Introducing Dr. Chika Ugochukwu, President, West Africa College of Nursing




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Lifetime Membership of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario [RNAO] — 2010

American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year — 2005




This graphic introduces NIGH's new tagline: INSPIRE • INFORM • INITIATE • INVOLVE, detailed here in NIGH's Integral Model


Eleanor Kibrick leading a NIGH workshop.
Photo courtesy of AHNA, by Becky Lara.

 nigh hx cover part 1

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NIGH’s History in Powerpoint format.


NIGH Board of Directors Dionne Sinclair & Poonam Sharma. Photo NIGH’s Archives.

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NIGH’s History in Powerpoint format.


NIGH International Co-Director Dr. Barbara Dossey in Thailand on her Asian tour during the 2010 International Year of the Nurse. Photo from her archives.

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NIGH’s History in Powerpoint format.


NIGH Board Director Phalkshi Manjrekar during her Summer 2011 visit to Canada. Photo: NIGH’s Archives by Dionne Sinclair

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NIGH’s History in Powerpoint format.

Above graphics feature scenes from the Florence Nghtingale stained-glass window installed in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. From photos in the NIGH Archives, courtesy of photographier, Jim Hawkins.