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U of Istanbul Nightingale School Endorsement

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The Istanbul University Florence Nightingale School of Nursing (IUFNSON) has endorsed the Nightingale Declaration Campaign.

Dr Guler Aksoy
Prof. Dr. Güler Aksoy, Director of the Istanbul University School of Nursing (IUFNSON)

In her statment of support, Dr Güler Aksoy, Director of IUFNSON, says:  “We are very proud to be bringing our keen support to the growing global Nightingale Declaration Campaign.

"At the Faculty of the Istanbul University School of Nursing, we maintain a strong commitment to the quality of nursing education in Turkey and to our own Florence Nightingale, whose legacy and light still burn brightly for us.

"It is an honour to be sharing our love of Florence Nightingale with the rest of the global nursing community. We want to do everything we can to support the efforts of our friends, the team of people who creating the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health around the world.”

Dr Aksoy graduated from IUFNSON in 1965, becoming one of its first graduates. She started working as a research assistant in the School. Once it became affiliated to the Istanbul University in 1979, Dr Aksoy took a doctoral degree. She has been working as a professor since 1996. She worked as head of department of surgical nursing until 2002. In 2006, she was appointed as director of the School.

Founded in 1961, the School aims to educate staff that can improve health care to its highest level and develop national standards in this field. The philosophy of the School is based on the belief and the principle for having holistic approach to the individual, the family and the community, which require working collaboratively with the other members of the health team. The general objectives of the School are developed within 6 basic concepts: scientific knowledge, clinical practice, education, management, leadership, research and development of nursing.

Student Exchange opportunities — for License and Post-License programmes — are available through agreements with other European Countries Universities established by Istanbul University in 2000.

Istanbul University School of Nursing
Istanbul University School of Nursing
Student Nurses drama
Student nurses reenact their
history in a drama

Upon graduation, Baccalaureate (BSN) Programme Graduates may acquire opportunities to work in a variety of health care settings, including private, public and university hospitals as well as in pharmaceutical and insurance companies, home care services, academic field, and in the fields of health care in industry and school.

Counseling and Guidance Services can provide the necessary support and encourage students to attend available socio-cultural activities. In addition, a related school scholarship committee selects students who are in need of economical support.   

The students can reside in state or private ddormitories depending on their choices. For dining, canteens and dining salons are available in our school building. Students provide their own transport to and from the school.

The Istanbul University, the oldest and best-established university of Turkey, has a history that dates back 550 years, when its foundations were established in 1453. The University ranks among the first ten universities  founded in Europe. During the early 1920s, through the educational reforms developed by the founding of the Republic, the Istanbul Darulfunun was established, focussing on medicine, law, literature, theology, and science.

When the Turkish Republic was founded, Istanbul University was the only institution of higher education. In addition to its scientific impact, Istanbul University has also been a leader in the movement towards enlightenment and modernization, acting as a bridge between science and life. Istanbul University functions as a reflection of Turkey's history of science and independence.  The University, has an academic staff of 5, 000, and is active in the fields of national and international research.

The University utilizes the latest technologies at every level of education and offers scientific support to the newly emerging state universities through the use of contemporary technologies. Istanbul University welcomes 60,000 students originating from all over Turkey with a student-centred approach

For more information, please contact:
Director: Prof. Dr. Güler AKSOY
Campus Address:  
Istanbul University Faculty of Nursing, Abide-i Hurriyet Cad.
34381 Sisli / ISTANBUL
Phone Number: +90 212 440 00 00- 27010    Fax: +90 212 224 49 90
Email: [email protected] (Turkish)  |   [email protected] (English)
Website: Istanbul University School of Nursing

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In 2008 & 2009, Asoka Roy’s family created a Platinum Sponsorship of the Nightingale Declaration Campaign to honor the memory of their sister — a pioneering nurse & midwife in both India & the United States. Projects developed from this contribution included an India-wide outreach of the Nightingale Declaration dedicated to Asoka’s memory.
See: An Indian Nightingale
Generous Support of Drs. Rustum & Della Roy