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sharing NIGH's ongoing story

NIGH is building a grassroots-to-global network of friends worldwide.


Shown here, NIGH’s International Co-Director, Dr. Barbara Dossey meets in Pretoria with Thembeka Gwagwa, General Secretary, Democratic Nursing Association of South Africa (DENOSA); Ms. Ela Gandhi, grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi & Ngangi Philemon Ngomu, to Executive Secretary, Southern Africa Network of Nurses & Midwives. To read more >>

Return of A Classic!

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Celebrated WHO-NIGH Video
Features Maternal & Primary Health  

“Nurses & Midwives: Now More Than Ever for a Healthy World!”

Highlighted here for you to enjoy and share again!


Also in seven language versions — translated by distinguished nursing
& health leaders from around the world:
Arabic - English - French - Mandarin - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish and Turkish


vid12013 marks the 5th anniversary of the collaboration — of a global team of nursing leaders — to create this historic video featuring the worldwide work of nurses and midwives.
Series Co-Produced by Deva-Marie Beck.
Learn more >>

Reducing Mother and Child Death:
Nurses & Midwives Now More Than Ever >>

How this video was created >>

Premiered at a WHO Nursing Conference in China >>

Photo Source: WHO WPRO Image Bank, 1999. Young nurse in training at Nadaro village, Fiji. Photographer: Maggie Murray-Lee, used with attribution as specified by WHO — featured in Nurses & Midwives: Now More Than Ever for a Healthy World.

Celebrating International Nurses Week and Beyond!

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‘Daring to Tell Our Stories to the World’

Video from ‘Photoshare’ Digital Archives of Nurses & Midwives  

The creation of this video came from our recent wonderful discovery of Photoshare.org — a digital imagery archive of thousands of global health and international development photos — hosted by ‘Knowledge for Health’ — K4Health. While exploring this website, we found hundreds of excellent photos featuring the work of nurses and midwives from around the world. So — to celebrate the 2013 International Week of the Nurse — and to remember the work of our colleagues year round — we created this short video for your enjoyment. In just 90 seconds, we feature digital images from 18 nations around the world. We found these photos both inspiring and informative! We have so much to share! Now, we can be ‘Daring to Tell our Stories to the World!’

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The Latest Florence Nightingale Book Now Easily Available to You!

A Keepsake to Illumine Your Nursing Practice & Presence




Book Review by Deva-Marie Beck, PhD, RN
International Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health

In a lovely turn of words, author Alex Attewell enlightens us by “Illuminating Florence” Nightingale— the ‘lady with the lamp.’ We all know her by this phrase and — in each nursing generation —how ‘illuminating’ her relevance is a continuing challenge, delight and inspiration. His sub-title, ‘finding Nightingale’s legacy in your own practice,’ brings this ‘lady’— so loved by nurses for so long — easily home to each of us, now, where we live and work.

But the ‘how’ Alex ‘illuminates’ Nightingale is as significant as his title. For this is a keepsake book — collected to bring the essence of her illuminating work easily available to us in our time.

With a beautiful blend of Nightingale’s own texts, archives and graphics, mixed with contemporary photos and Alex’s own narrative summaries, this book brings Nightingale’s legacy to life for us.

Author Alex Attewell, MBA, recently-retired Director of the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, UK. Photo from his website.

It is an easily-affordable, easily-accessible way to source Nightingale’s best quotes relevant to you!


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In 2008 & 2009, Asoka Roy’s family created a Platinum Sponsorship of the Nightingale Declaration Campaign to honor the memory of their sister — a pioneering nurse & midwife in both India & the United States. Projects developed from this contribution included an India-wide outreach of the Nightingale Declaration dedicated to Asoka’s memory.
See: An Indian Nightingale
Generous Support of Drs. Rustum & Della Roy