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sharing NIGH's ongoing story

NIGH is building a grassroots-to-global network of friends worldwide.


Shown here, NIGH’s International Co-Director, Dr. Barbara Dossey meets in Pretoria with Thembeka Gwagwa, General Secretary, Democratic Nursing Association of South Africa (DENOSA); Ms. Ela Gandhi, grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi & Ngangi Philemon Ngomu, to Executive Secretary, Southern Africa Network of Nurses & Midwives. To read more >>

AACN Board Endorsement

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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s (AACN) Board of Directors is urging all members, colleagues, faculty, students, and alumni networks to sign The Nightingale Declaration. AACN is also supporting the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health's (NIGH) proposed resolutions to the United Nations to establish an International Year of the Nurse (2010) and a UN Decade for a Healthy World (2011-2020).


Donna Karan Endorsement

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Donna Karan, the world famous fashion designer and philanthropist, has endorsed the Nightingale Declaration Campaign.


Johns Hopkins Hospital Endorsement

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the world leaders in healthcare and a pioneer in global nursing, is supporting the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health.


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In 2008 & 2009, Asoka Roy’s family created a Platinum Sponsorship of the Nightingale Declaration Campaign to honor the memory of their sister — a pioneering nurse & midwife in both India & the United States. Projects developed from this contribution included an India-wide outreach of the Nightingale Declaration dedicated to Asoka’s memory.
See: An Indian Nightingale
Generous Support of Drs. Rustum & Della Roy