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“I am a Nurse, I am a Leader”

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American Nurses Association (ANA) launched the first annual video contest during 2011 Nurses Week. ANA encouraged nurses and nursing students to produce an original two-minute video to share insights and examples of leadership that inform and inspire others to discuss what leadership means to them.

Top Row: Stephanie Maniquis, Teckla Chude, Betty Rodman, Amy Gilb, Brittany Adams Countryman, Gaiane Doubinina, Emily Consiglieri, Luis Sandoval, Nancy Blake, Debbie Brinker, Mary Lawanson-Nichols, Ramon Lavandero, Theresa Haley, Anna Dermenchyan. Bottom Row: Kathryne Figuracion, Joanna Macalalad, Janet Cheng, Jennifer Manley, Ryan Cavada, Yasuko Hamada, Adeyabeba Mimmi Lowrie, Stacy Meyer

 Luis Sandoval, a staff nurse in the Medical ICU at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center entered the video contest to exemplify leadership in nursing. Being part of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Chapter at UCLA, a group that is committed to professional integrity, education, promoting quality nursing care and volunteering in the community, he was totally inspired and felt this was the perfect opportunity to showcase a video about leadership in nursing.

Luis Sandoval started his nursing in critical care in December 2008. Growing up poor without a father made him appreciate the small things in life and to be thankful for what he did have, including his good health. He is always grateful for all the support from family and friends for helping him steer in the right direction. As a second profession, nursing truly has been a calling and passion! He enjoys working in a profession where he is giving back and caring for individuals in their time of need.

“I am a Nurse, I am a Leader”


Visitors at the Mapparium in the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, Massachusetts. This was the site to launch Dr. Jean Watson's Million Nurse Project—during the 2010 International Year of the Nurse—to radiate heart-centered Love, Caring and Compassion through individual and collective global meditations. Photo Courtesy of the Mary Baker Eddy Library.