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 Why & How You Make a Difference

by Daring, Caring & Sharing!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons & the Knight Foundation, October 12, 2011 at the Knight Crane Convergence Lab. Used with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Wondering why — and how — you can join us to participate in NIGH's new 'Daring, Caring & Sharing to Save Mothers' Lives' Campaign? There are and will be many opportunities to make your difference! For starters, we’ve made it easy for you to make a donation — of any amount — here.


In our ‘modern world’— there remains the ancient grim reality of vulnerable pregnant women and girls who are still suffering and dying in childbirth. This still happens every two minutes, around the clock — more than 750 preventable deaths every single day. Many of these deaths occur because mothers at risk— mostly in rural marginalized areas—have no trained birth attendant beside them when they get into trouble. Or to help them to know when, how or where to seek help when they are in danger.

This needless tragedy persists in global proportions, yet remains so undervalued and unreported that most people have never heard of this suffering or that maternal death continues, unattended, in such high numbers, every day.

One of the many compelling images in our 'Take One Minute’ online video. Photographer: Joel Calheiros, used with permission.

That's why our growing NIGH team has decided to commit our time, effort and resources to creating an effective campaign of global advocacy for Maternal Health — ‘Daring, Caring & Sharing’ — to:

  • mobilize global public opinion
  • build informed concern, caring and commitment 
  • lead to relevant sustainable local action — to save lives — on a global scale.


While this may seem quite a daunting project, we can indeed succeed if we stay steady and each bring what we can bring, as we can. It starts each day with more and more people participating in the days and months ahead. Over time, this will become more than a few — it will become hundreds and thousands of people working together to achieve these goals. Each and every one of us working on this project is and will be making our unique difference — combining to make a huge collective difference in the lives of many, many women, girls and their families. You are most welcome to join us!

How You Can Participate!

These are the opportunities already available to you:

Your donation — whatever you can contribute — is much appreciated.

You can share one or both of our online videos with your friends and neighbors. Daring, Caring & Sharing: The Video & Take One Minute.

You can download and share Your Invitation to the ‘Daring, Caring & Sharing’ Global Launch on October 21st, 2012 in New York City. We'd love to see you there! Your friends and colleagues are also welcome!

You can download and share the Daring, Caring & Sharing’ Sponsorship Prospectus with your networks.

You can mark your calendar to attend our October 21st Launch Webcast and look for it online thereafter.

Use the Share button on every page of this website to connect this opportunity with your friends.

As you read, review and Share these pages, also Like us on Facebook.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to sign the Nightingale Declaration and Share this opportunity with your friends too.

Watch for new opportunities — nearly ready to unveil — to participate further with us online.

Each and every action you take does indeed make a difference!

We are grateful for you and all you do!